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About us

Novista Group is Chemicals Union which is formed by several professional chemicals producers . All of these companies are focus on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of plastics additives & polymers. Until now, our business areas are involved in Construction material industry, Paint & coating industry, Electronics industry, Automobile industry,  Plastic & polymer processing industry, etc. The product scope expand to eight main series, including Impact modifier, CPVC Resin & Compound, Processing aids, Lubricants, ASA modified material, Adhesive & paint material(CPP/HCPE/CEVA), Heat Stabilizers and Flame retardants.

With the innovation-driven, we continue to increase our attention and strength in our material’s application studying in Paint & Coating industry, Ink & Adhesive industry, Pharmaceutical industry. Our Chlorinated polymer and brominated intermediate is widely used in these areas.

All our plants have passed "ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system" certification & "ISO14001: 2004 International Environment Management System" certification. Our factories are equipped with the independent laboratory and can provide a comprehensive analysis of product performance testing. Meanwhile we can customize and develop new product according to customer's practical application .

From CPVC resin & PVC additives production to the formula designing and compounding ,We are constantly providing efficient solution for PVC and CPVC processing industry.

Our Product and Capacity:
 - Chlorinated Polyethylene :50,000MT/YEAR
 - CPVC Resin : 35,000MT/YEAR
 - CPVC Compound : 6,000MT/YEAR
 - Acrylic processing aid & PVC Lubricants : 15,000MT/YEAR
 - MBS / ASA / Acrylic impact modifier : 5,000MT/YEAR
 - Flame Retardant : 10,000MT/YEAR
 - Heat stabilizer : 6,000MT/YEAR



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