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What is One Pack Stabilizer?-one pack stabilizer

What is One Pack Stabilizer?
Different client from worldwide have different understand, Some clients named whole formula raw materials as One Pack Stabilizer;Some clients name Lead base PVC Heat Stabilizer or Ca-Zn Stabilizer as One Pack Stabilizer.So, when buyer looking for One Pack Stabilizer or Seller introduce it to client, firstly, both parties should be make clearly about the definition, then continue deeper discussing.
What is your PVC Drainage  Pipe formula currently using ?
As every PVC Pipe producer known, the more CaCO3 filler added in the formula, the lower producing cost will got.For example, some client added 20phr per 100kg PVC Resin in the formula as most, some client added 80phr per 100kg PVC Resin, but the pipe quality test result is same for both of different CaCO3 filler quantity formula.Why ? The reason is simple, Low cost formula comes from the each raw materials reasonable match, then can be successful using.Untile now, many PVC Pipe producers was confused about the best formula, even the boss always got headache about it.
Is there any type of ONE PACK STABILIZER have in the world can be directly for PVC Pipe extruding ?
The answer is yes, Our PVC Dainage Pipe One Pack Stabilizer can be directly for PVC dainage pipe extruding without added additives. Model NV-3411 included Stability,Lubricants,Impact system.Client only added with PVC Resin SG5, So PVC Resin +one pack lead stabilier two part is enough for PVC Pipe extruding.


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