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Complex blend of Ca -Zn soaps-|Ca Zn stabilizer

Main Components:
Complex blend of Ca -Zn soaps.
Physical Properties:

Appearance: White or light yellowish powder 

Volatility : < 3%

Product Properties
-- It can directly replace complex lead stabilizer, applied to the processing of PVC profile.
-- This product is a non-toxic, no harmful metals and other harmful chemicals, a new type of environmental friendly stabilizer
-- with excellent thermal stability and good weatherability, no sulfide pollution; -- High efficient lubricity, good flowing, reduce mechanical wear and improve the extrusion speed, high gloss surface;
-- Good compatible with pvc resin, less plating out, improve mechanical properties.

Novista Code:710123 

Dosage: 4.0-5.0 

Physical form: White Powder


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